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Nagelsturm were formed in late 2006 with the following Line-up:
Lord Kälte (Frater Epitheton) – Vocals
Fäulnis – Guitar
Terror – Bass
Krieg – Drums.


2007 we recorded our first Demo “Hymnen aus Hass” in miserable sound quality. In the same year we re- recorded the Demo and did a self release of it limited to 50 Copies.



Only weeks later we kicked Terror out for being a worthless piece of Shit that never could be a part of our Intention what Nagelsturm should be.



In Winter 2007 Plage joined the Project.



We were Rehearsing for a Split with The unspeakable Cult ov Goatpenis at that time, so 4 Songs had be done for that. Unfortunately the Split was never done, so we decided to do a self-release again: “Rehersal 2008” came in a very limited quantity and was only given to close friends of our project.



After completing “Rehersal 2008” Verderben (Guitar) and Heroin (Vocals) joined Nagelsturm. Several Months later we had lost our location for rehearsing and Krieg left Saarland for personal Reasons. Nagelsturm had Split up.



2011 Frater Epitheton re-animated Nagelsturm along with Plage and Fäulnis. We re-recorded the Song “Aufstand” from “Rehersal 2008” and decided to work on a final Full- Length. “Aufstand 2011” was released on the “Saarrevier” Compilation by Runenstein Records. Shortly after our Compilation Appearance we kicked out Fäulnis.



2012 Plage and Frater Epitheton are working on the final Full -Length “Titan”. It´ll be a concept work of experiences we had made the past 6 years, including long times of Insanity, Drug Abuse and Orthodox Satanism.



In July the Nagelsturm/Zarach Baal Tharagh Split “Morbid Machinery” was released on the Australian Smell the Stench Records. It contains Material of “Hymnen aus Hass” and “Rehersal 2008” and is limited to 60 copies.

Nagelsturm- morbid machinery

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