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My Shameful - Hollow

Finnish Doom metal masters are here to take you on a voyage. A dark and foreboding voyage that seeks to carve dark imagery into your mind through the hauntingly beautiful display of pain and sorrow their music creates. “Hollow” is this doom metal band’s sixth full-length album and it’s an unequivocal masterpiece from masters of their craft. This is an intensely creative album that stays within the boundaries of doom metal and works toward perfecting the genre. Musically it’s what you might expect, at first. But within each song burns a fire of musical development. As each song plays on the flame grows hotter. The intensity and pressure becomes emotionally draining. The rawness of “Hollow” is probably it’s most important feature. This record is perfectly recorded and mixed. Singer/guitarist Sami Rautio has a powerful, deep delivery in his singing that has a touch of rasp. His singing feels fueled by rage and hatred. He makes you feel every note he sings and plays. Although there are moments on “Hollow” where a song might take an unexpected turn, for the most part this is a straight forward, dense, and emotionally draining album that will consume you. The deeper you listen the more it reveals itself as profound. And at one minute past the hour mark, this is a lengthy voyage with much to absorb along the way. Take it all in, because doom metal doesn’t get much better.




1. Nothing Left at All

2. Hollow

3. And I Will Be Worse

4. Hour of Atonement

5. The Six

6. Murdered Them All

7. No Greater Purpose

8. Now and Forever




Jürgen Frohling – Drums

Sami Rautio – Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards



Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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