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“The Stargate”
1999, Earache Records

Mortiis - The Stargate

Another addition to the Mortiis legacy, “The Stargate” is yet more proof of Mortiis’ superiority when it comes to orchestrated darkness and symphonic melancholia. An intrinsic journey through another world is the only way to describe this release. “The Stargate”, so appropriately entitled, takes the listener on a dark and otherworldly expedition through the vastness of space and the imagination. The first few tracks act as an introduction to a tale untold, and by track 4, titled “Across the World of Wonders”, the utter heaving majesty of the music of Mortiis begins to show through. Although “The Stargate” is not as grim as the mighty “Crypt of the Wizard”, it does contain the same cataclysmic thundering as the aforementioned release. The story-telling feeling definitely shows through with this album and I recommend it to anyone who can appreciate this type of music.



1. Child of Curiosity and the Old Man of Knowledge

2. I Am the World

3. World Essence

4. Across the World of Wonders

5. (Passing By) An Old Raped Village

6. Towards the Gate of Stars

7. Spirit of Conquest/ The Warfare

8. Army of Conquest/ The Warfare (Ever Onwards)




Mortiis – Keyboards/Programming/Vocals

Levi Gawron – Guitars/Programming/Bass

Ogee – Bass/Guitars

Chris Kling – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10


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