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Dark, dismal, and depressing are the first adjectives that come to mind when describing Germany’s own depressive black metal band Morn Guruth, but that would be only a surface analysis. This is a band that is incredibly deep and thought provoking. Morn Guruth’s debut full-length album titled Weltekel is a dreary masterpiece of creative songwriting, powerful musicianship and the evocation of your darkest emotions that can’t help but be yanked forth as you listen. This is a record you want to blast through your headphones in a darkened room to watch the shadows take form and spring to life. But make no mistake; this is a black metal album. Raspy vocals, razor sharp trebly guitar riffs, and dark atmosphere all make up a strong base for this music to stand on, but those elements are not where the true genius of Weltekel manifests itself. It is in the somber sound-scapes that makes Weltekel truly excel. When Morn Guruth brings everything wispy clean and quiet those are the moments that the thought provoking emotion makes its presence felt. With vocals that can go from raspy dark black metal singing to the sound of a man burning to death it is not unusual for songs to start fairly standard but end with tormented screams of the dying over haunting keyboards or clean guitar. This is not a record built for the mosh pit. This is a record that wants to play you as the listener. Clocking in at an hour a twenty minutes, this is an emotionally draining experience that proves metal is a high form of art to any and all that appreciate it. Half way through this record I was exhausted by the relentless emotional pressure that Morn Guruth puts me through. But I pressed on, and as Weltekel kept playing it got better and better. Few bands I have ever heard can evoke this type of a response through their music, and Morn Guruth has done it on their first try.




1. The Darkened Empire of Death

2. Worthless

3. Destrudo

4. Weltekel

5. Longing for the Void

6. Im Nichts

7. Insignificant

8. Leben-Wider Willen

9. My Journey into Nothingness

10. Krankheit

11. Close to a Pure Condition

12. Perdition

13. Uberwindung




Kane Bittruf – Vocals/All Instruments
Yannik Kulla – Bass/Guitars
Yannik Mücke – Drums



Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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