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Morn Guruth was founded in April 2010 by Kane Bittruf as only member. From May to August the first Demo CD “Fate of the Fallen Souls” was recorded and released in September of the same year. In November of 2010 the recordings for the first full-length album ‘Weltekel’ started and were finished in August of 2011. ‘Weltekel’ was released 1st July 2013 by Talheim Records. In 2012 Yannik K. joined Morn Guruth as a bass player, drummer and guitarist. In July Morn Guruth participated with a song called ‘Life Leaves my Body’ in the ‘Lieder von Lieb’ und Leid Pt. II’ DSBM Sampler by Bleichmond Tonschmiede. In the end of 2012 Yannik M. joined the band as a drummer.


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