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Morbid Fog is a solo Black Metal project from Karditsa, Greece, created in 2009 by its only member Astraeos(known as Commander Ov Thirty Demonic Legions)… Then the influences was anti-Christianity, blasphemy and darkness… Since then, the band released a demo tape “Wolves Under The Winter Full moon”(2009), a split with Demonic Horde “Kingdom Of Nocturnal Poetry”(2010) and their first full length album “Angelo Apotheosis”(2010). In 2011 the group released an EP, “Frozen Landscapes Of The North” in 50 hand-numbered copies…   All of them are grouped in a double compilation CD, “Eternal Tenebrous Impersonator”(2012)… Now the influences has changed… The lyrical themes are Ancient Hellenic Paganism and Mythology, Necromancy and Black Arts… Soon will be released a Split CD with Silent Dominion called “Defending The Ancient Spirit” and the second full length “Archdeacon Soto”…

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