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A Dirge for Your Suicide”


Mirthless - A Dirge for Your Suicide


Funeral doom band from Peru. Slow mournful guitars work, some blackened vocals among the despair. This was a very atmospheric sound for sure. Dark, depressing and bleak. Fans of the funeral doom genre will surely love this. It was interesting to say the least.




1. Chapter I: Pantheon of Disgraces

2. Chapter II: Prelude to Doomsday

3. Chapter III: A Dirge for Your Suicide

4. Chapter IV: Paz

5. Chapter V: Prelude to Doomsday (exclusive bonus: rehearsal 2011)







Mirthless – Suicide voice of doom kult

Soulless – Mournful sound of anguish and pain

Schizophrenic – Disturbed mind in drums



Rating: 7 out of 10


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