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Merdarahta is a new project consisting of 4 members of Fuck The Facts. But unlike the chaotic grindcore approach that band is known for, Merdarahta is subdued and minimalist, creating a dark and haunting atmosphere with heavy droning guitars driven through walls of noise, and only touching on other instrumentation and vocals.


The first release “Snake Charmer/Towers” (which also features Leigh Newton from The Sun Through A Telescope) was quietly released on Oct 11th 2011 at the same time as Fuck The Facts full-length album “Die Miserable” and was only to be found on the “B” side of the limited edition cassette version of the FTF album. In 2012, a second Merdarahta release surfaced in the form of a digital album entitled “Fault of Air/Breathe” and added a new element to the project with Mekhaya guitarist Seb Choquette, as well as a contribution from ex-FTF guitarist Dave Menard.


Merdarahta’s newest offering “Breathe Electric” continues with a mix of ambient noise and droning doom that the project has been developing over the past 2 years.


This new release also features Black Oak Decline main man Mike Raymond, and was mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD).


Breathe Electric can be streamed and downloaded in its entirety at this location:


Merdarahta play a brilliant hybrid of Ambient/Doom/Drone/Noise Metal that I can’t recommend highly enough. This is quite frankly a brilliant band for everyone to check out.” – The Sludge Lord





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