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Chalice of Thagirion”


Mephorash - Chalice of Thagirion

Its funny you know how people can have very different views on a band and with this I will explain. Now i had previously reviewed their 2011 effort ” Death Awakens” and i had found it to be just OK and that it was a little uninspired, nothing more, nothing less.


So I started listening to this and hoped for everything to be better all round, so while listening to it I read someone elses review of this album and I thought their opinion was a little harsh to say the least and probably wrote by someone who doesn’t probably appreciate Black Metal for what it is/ understands the many faces it has or it was a 17 year old who listens to everything with ‘Core at the end of it.


This is a step up from their last album and a lot more focused. Yes the Watain-isms are still there with some Dark Funeral thrown in with a bit of Marduk too. The vocals are a little better this time around and have that rasp which we know and love, the blast beats are pummeling and the guitars have a bit more meat to their bones.


Decent album. not groundbreaking by any means but enjoyable all the same.

Good effort guys \m/




1. Chalice of Thagirion

2. Corpus Christi

3. From Orcus into Erebos

4. Membrorum Defecerit

5. νεκρος

6. Radiance from the Sacred Shine

7. Servant

8. Legion, for We Are Many

9. Descension of Daath

10. The Odius Gospels

11. Ain Soph




Mishbar Bovmeph Guitars/Lead Vocals/Bass

Ayram Etaumiel – Guitars

Mashkelah M’Ralaa – Vocals

Loqatzov Baasmu – Additional Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy






Death Awakens”


Mephorash - Death Awakens

I approached this with an open mind and as a connoisseur of Black Metal I was hoping for blasphemy and that the Dark Lord himself would appear in my living room upon listening to this album.


I also have to add that I usually like to do my homework on bands too before i listen to them, its always a good thing to see what they have done in the past and to see where they are now and if any progression has been made.


Upon listening to this opus it reminded me of some second wave Black Metal mixed in with some Watain-esque / Ofermod riffage thrown in for good measure, but to be honest this has all been done before and a lot better too. It all seems a little lacking, from the guitars which sound a little thin, the vocals are a little uninspiring but fit well with what is going on musically.


Its not bad per se but bands of this nature really need to start forging out an identity for themselves to set them apart from the rest of the Black Metal Horde, for example when you hear Emperor you instantly know its them, same with Belphegor, Enslaved etc….


But regardless this is a decent effort all the same, worth a quick spin but as far as repeated spins go? well I’m afraid not….Sorry Chaps.




1. A Scourge of Degregated and Desecrated Souls

2. Scathe and Burneth

3. The Black Path

4. Sleep Tight Chosen One

5. Crushed Under Evil

6. The Lies

7. Death Awakens

8. Hangman’s Curse




Mishbar Bovmeph – Guitars/Lead Vocals/Bass

Ayram Etaumiel – Guitars

Mashkelah M’Ralaa – Vocals

Loqatzov Baasmu – Additional Vocals



Rating: 5 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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