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Melankoly is an Armenian Lebanese black metal band devoted to music and sickened by society, driven by a goal to speak reality and the obvious to the world, despite every restriction.


After few years of experimenting Melankoly released their experimental album “The Gospel” in 2010 at Vulture Sound Productions Studios.


Melankoly also played several successful live and private shows also won a local black metal competition in 2010 and after that it was clear to them the path that they had to take.


After few member changes Melankoly started working much more seriously and thus in 2012 they recorded the album “Through Sickness and Death” at ‚ÄúVulture Sound Productions Studios” which is just a glimpse of their capabilities, their devotion and their aim …


Band Members:

Sam Kasparian: Vocals

Yeghig Aroyan: Guitars

Sako Kasparian: Drums

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