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Mechanical God Creation - Artifact of Annihilation

While I am grateful when a Cd starts of deliberately heavy and assaulting your senses you have to wonder will there be dynamics or will just be an all out attack. MCG progresses into more melodic areas all the while staying heavy. During the verses vocals and drums dominate but when the guitars take over the drums compliment efficiently without drowning the guitar work out. There is great riff work happening hear and immediately listenable.


The vocals in my opinion lead the assault. They are brutal heavy. Lucy has great shriek and vocal attack. They are never outdone by the power and presence of the drum kicks.


Upside to Artifact Of Annihilation is the brutality and the consistency. While there are great melodic moments and dynamics the album has a real obvious consistency which is great if you want to have some heavy playing in the background. All the songs are good but nothing initially stands out on its own as a favorite. I definitely RECOMMEND checking them out especially if you like to hear a female vocalist kick ass.




1. Pyramidion

2. Artifact of Annihilation

3. Illusions

4. Cult of the Machines

5. Shadow’s Falling

6. Lullaby for the Modern Age

7. Terror in the Air

8. Nomos of the Earth

9. Woe of the Spiraled Desire

10. Ocean of Time

11. Obsidian Nightfall



Lucy – Vocals
Dave- Bass
Deimos – Guitars
Mirko – Guitars
Carlo – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Barca

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