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Esoteric Warfare”


Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare

Let me start this review of MAYHEM’s “Esoteric Warfare” by saying that it is a very solid album. Atilla, Necrobutcher, and Hellhammer are still holding down the pure hell that is and has always been Mayhem. Some additions to the lineup in this release are Charles Hedger and Telok – and I think they did a great job on this release. Everyone is in synch very well in this album.
The album plays out as a message of pure hatred embodied. It is heavy and fast as fuck, but also has much slower portions, which add to the overall feel. Hellhammer’s drums are fantastic, which was expected, by me. I should mention that this album is very dynamic, and full of changes in tempo, and also has some incredibly interesting guitar tones for the slower parts. All upsetting, all the time. This is the way of Mayhem, of course. I like some parts of the album that are just pure bass lines too, and Telok’s contributions to this album are well received as well, because he did more than play bass on this release.


The “concept” of psychic warfare is a real thing, but I do not need to describe things like Project MKUltra or chem trails to our readers, they can look it up and draw their own conclusions.

I am reminded of their “newer” works such as Grand Declaration of War, which was a great album in my opinion. Atilla at some points sounds much more “ghostly” and even colder than on many of their newer stuff. An especially good example of this would be the song, “VI.Sec.” I found the lyrics on the song, “Posthuman” to be particularly intriguing. Listen for yourself!

This album is very good, and Mayhem is still making True Norwegian Black Metal.

“Critical Mass”
“Atomic Fire”
“Thousand Suns”
“Road of Death”




1. Watcher

2. Psywar

3. Trinity

4. Pandaemon


6. VI.Sec.

7. Throne Of Time

8. Corspe Of Care

9. Posthuman

10. Aion Suntelia




Attila -Vocals
Necrobutcher -Bass
Hellhammer -Drums
Charles Hedger – Guitars
Teloch – Guitars


Rating: 9 out of 10
-Cosmic Cornmeal

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