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Still The Kings”


Massgrav - Still The Kings

Wow! I’m pretty speechless right now as i write this because I didn’t think for the life of me that anyone could come close to sounding like the band Loud Pipes (yep the very same band that came out on Osmose records in the mid 90’s with the album ” The Downtown Blues”) albeit this being a little more Grind in places.


This was a real joy to listen to, there is a nasty, visceral ” I’ll punch your lights out ” attitude all over this album. From the first track til the last you get sucked in and you just want to bang your head and wreck your apartment.


Massgrav hail from Stockholm, Sweden and this 3 piece really have their craft down, lets put it this way.. I could listen to this repeatedly over and over again and feel like i could take on the world.


I urge you to pick this up if you are a fan of Loud Pipes, The Rocking Dildos and bands of that nature…its that Fucking Good!!!!!!!! GO BUY!!!!!




1. Sell Your Hole – For Rock’n’roll

2. Jag Vill Bara Dö

3. Brallorna Nere Igen

4. Kom Ihåg Vad du Rösta På

5. Ni Krustar, Dom Dör

6. Auktoritetsproblem

7. Väktarnas Värld

8. Vi höll På Snuten

9. Säg Vad du Vill

10. At War With Etno

11. Flytta Hem då Om Det Inte Duger

12. Full Fart Mot Döden

13. Fittorna På Tele2

14. Tack För Maten

15. Ingen Jävla Summer of Love

16. Chefens Lilla Hora Rider Igen

17. G4S

18. Är Det Slut Snart?

19. Suicide




Norse – Guitars/Vocals

Ola – Bass/Vocals

Fenok – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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