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1999, Genocide Music

Maskim - Battlestorm

Deep within the darkened depths of Iowa’s cornfields lurk the Maskim, ready to wreak havoc to the masses. Upon observing the CD Cover, I did not know what to expect. At first Battlestorm sounds promising with it’d entrance track “Arrival” complete with the droning of a distant chorus and the cry of horses onward to battle but suddenly falls flat with it’s next lullabye. “Black Serpent” and “Desecrated Ground” are the only memorable songs on “Battlestorm”. To be brutally honest, if you are one who enjoys generic, half-asses crap, then this CD is a must buy. Slap it in your stereo, crank it up and take a nap! That’s what I felt like doing after hearing this load of sheep shit. I wanted to give this band a second chance, for the first review I gave ripped them apart. I wanted to give them another benefit of the doubt, but upon another listen I began to feel my eyelids grow heavy. There are few blasts, mainly just galloping slap happy beats that would make any aerobic instructor drool over. With equally gay guitar riffing, I would say the production came from one of their grandfather’s tool sheds. That didn’t make much sense, but neither does Maskim. You’ll see for yourself with just viewing the unbelievably homoerotic photo of the band. There is nothing fresh or new here, just another CD that will be thrown into the trash and sent to the junkyard.



1. Arrival

2. Smoke on the Horizon

3. Black Serpent

4. Battlestorm

5. Desecrated Ground

6. Retribution



Noktiis – Bass

Kraft – Drums

Blakk – Guitars/Vocals

Septimus – Vocals/Guitars



Rating: 2 ½ out of 10


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