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Masachist - Scorned

Sometimes, a band comes along that seems content with simply fitting in to their genre. Groups that have zero ambition to propel themselves into the forefront of their chosen genre. Very rarely does that work in the bands favor. Masachist is that rare exception. Masachist is a death metal band from Poland and their 2012 Full-length release titled “Scorned” is the band second full-length album since 2009. “Scorned” is far from a bad record but it lacks creativity. There is fast chugging, loud drumming and deep harsh vocals. This album is pretty standard death metal. There is nothing here that you haven’t heard before. The difference is that Masachist pull off their brand of standard death metal very well. There is a great deal of anger and attitude on “Scorned” that shows through. This may be traditional death metal, but it is not mediocre. The music is played with a great tenacity. These are very guitar riff heavy songs and the riffs work well to carry each song. The drums lock well and are consistently in the pocket and working hard to benefit the whole experience. One area I feel could really use an overhaul is the vocals. Singer Wojciech Wasowicz is not a bad death metal vocalist, but he lacks variety with his voice. He stays at one note throughout and only serves to establish these are death metal songs. His vocal style would have worked twenty years ago, but the genre has evolved since and a singer needs to bring more these days. Moments where the twin guitar attack can lift the experience, “Scorned” starts to work. Unfortunately it is so often brought back down to just standard. There is a fight going on within “Scorned.” I feel that Masachist want to break free and evolve into their own distinctive style of death metal. “Scorned” is not a genre-bending masterpiece, but an album from a band I think can possibly pull off something big in the future.




1. Drilling the Nerves

2. The Process of Elimination

3. Straight and Narrow Path

4. Manifesto (100% D.M.K.M.)

5. Higher Authority

6. Opposing Normality

7. Liberation

8. Liberation Part II

9. Inner Void




Heinrich – Bass

Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski – Drums

Thrufel – Guitars/Vocals

Aro – Guitars

Pig – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10


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