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Marwolaeth - Demo '12

Its always interesting to receive a demo from bands as far afield as Marwolaeth are, the country in question being Pakistan. As most of us know Pakistan isn’t really a hotbed for metal as say Sweden by any means, but i do wonder sometimes how bands like this get their influences from because a lot of metal we take for granted isn’t probably readily available there. Here we have 2 tracks of Death Metal which employ the use of a drum machine.


Now as far as the drum machine use goes they do a decent job of programming the drums and keep things interesting throughout the songs. The guitars are decent enough and have that Old School vibe to them, the vocals have a lot of reverb to them but it doesn’t detract from what is an enjoyable listen. I do however like the DSBM sounding scream towards the last 30 seconds of the first song, this I totally welcome, mixing it up is a great thing..sometimes.


I would have liked a few more tracks, 2 doesn’t really represent a band well enough but all in all a promising demo indeed.




1. Placental Error

2. Death Lives On..




Sheraz Ahmed – All Instruments

Waleed Ahmed – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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