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Listening to Final Dying Breath first made me think of why Yngwie Malmsteen was allegedly thrown out of Alcatrazz. I wasn’t there but he was kept soloing while over the singer and taking precedent over everyone else in the band. The singer and the fretmaster here are one and the same, so no problem there. While there are many elements to this Cd that stand out nothing stands out the way the guitar does. There are distinct clear guitar runs and arpeggios even during the singing most notably Final Dying Breath. 


I really love the effects distorted grinding vocals sound over the classical influenced synth parts. The synth, which here is subdued in the mix does remind of Dimmu Borgir, and there are a great many times I wish Dimmu’s keyboards were more subdued. 


While this is experimentation in the Death Metal realms, I can not help but think of Mr Bungle, the kings of everything including the kitchen sink and more. The changes are stark. But often, unlike Bungle, Markradonn give you what you want instead of a kick in the balls. Internal Hate Unbounded is the best example of this. I think the changes towards the end of the song after the catchy drive makes me think of what would happen if Robert Fripp wrote a Death Metal song and decided to shred.


The percussion and the horns are another anomaly. Because of the dry tones of the percussion, which are strong in the mix, you get a since that someone hired a section of their high school band to back them up but it works. You also have to give any band props for incorporating a Didgeridoo.


While for me the guitar work is the standout, I RECOMMEND picking up Final Dying Breath.




1. Final Dying Breath

2. Internal Hate Unbounded

3. No Redemption, No Forgiveness

4. Frenzied Winter Sorrow

5. Cathartic Spiritual Purgation




Haniel – Guitars/Vocals/5-string Bass/Synth Guitars
Tim – Drums
Dennis – Bass/Didgeridoo/Djembe/Tuba
Allen – Rhythm Guitars
Beka – Euphonium/Trombone
Nick – French Horn/Fretless Bass
Jon – Timpani/Percussion
Jesse – Trombone/Vocals



Rating: 10 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca


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