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Marahkain - The Void

Marahkain is a two person band hailing to us from both England and Spain. Even though Marahkain has only two members, these two have the dynamic chemistry and songwriting genius to really make it work. The bands 2013 EP titled “The Void” is a phenomenal dream-like black metal experience that really pushes black metal to the limit and dares you to come along for the ride. This is a great EP full of thick dark atmosphere and razor sharp playing and songs can easily swing and get mired in gloom. It keeps a very high level of direction and musical integrity. Each song has a tremendous sense of momentum, taking the listener on a voyage through darkness. The songs themselves are very well crafted. Each one emotes with different feelings. There is never a moment that doesn’t benefit the experience as a whole. Three out of seven songs on The Void break the five-minute mark, but each one tells us a story through the music and they absolutely never get lost or become boring. There is always a sense of purpose. This EP has also been very well recorded and mixed. Both members, Raze and Khalvst ov Mhurn, should be commended on creating such a powerful black metal EP. The Void was not made solely for the mosh pit. The Void is a forceful, thought provoking EP that will strip your soul bare and wrap you in its shadows. Be warned, once The Void gets a hold of your mind and emotions, you are going on the journey, like it or not.




1. Tainted Eclipse

2. The Merging

3. Obsidian Skies

4. Nothing Awaits

5. Beyond the End

6. Hymn of the Void

7. Last Breath… to Funeror (An End to a Sociopath Man)




Khalvst ov Mhurn – Drums/Keyboards

Raze – Guitars/Bass/Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10


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