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For years the underground has felt an unholy taste of black metal that is spewed from the mind of Spain’s dark entity, Khalvst Ov Mhurn.


Between 2003-2007 Khalvst Ov Mhurn had written music for nearly 2 dozen songs but these sounds did not belong in the despair ridden pits of Skjaersild or the misty ambience that is Ov Mhurn (the artists other projects) instead he sought to create a new and more evil project, one that was filled with the chaos and insanity that Khalvst Ov Mhurn craved to scar the world with.


In late 2012 he discovered the song called “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by the ambient black metal project “Cold Crypt”, this strange and unorthodox approach to black metal was just the right level of mental derangement that Khalvst Ov Mhurn had been searching for and in early 2013 (just be for the dissolving of Skjaersild) he had decided to give demonic life to his new project.


Later that year he made contact with Cold Crypts sole member Raze, asking him if he would join the project as the guitarist and vocalist of the band, having already been considering to make a more depressive style of music Raze became the second face of the devilish deformity that would soon be called Marahkain.


With the joining of Khalvst Ov Mhurns daughters name Mara and Raze’s sons name Kain, the project finally had after all these years had its title.

Now Marahkain offers up a glimpse into its Blackened world with its first EP “The Void”.  That’s enough reading so just sit back and listen to the music.

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