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Malpertuus is a Black Metal band hailing from the forests of the Wasteland in Flanders, Belgium. Angelus brought Malpertuus to life in late September anno 2007 with the sole purpose of bringing the Message of the Greater Dark to the human mortals and this by means of the Black Metal machine. While composing multiple songs, as early as 2005, none of these creations actually came further than the rehearsal room. During the summer of 2008, Angelus finally concentrated on creating a couple of hymns for a demo-EP, this time with the intention to bring them out to the world and not just the local music-store or rehearsal room. These hymns were recorded in the early days and nights of December 2008 and were forged together into an EP bearing the name ‘In Hora Mortis Vestrae’, a Latin sentence translating as ‘In the Hour of Your Death’. The EP brings five hymns dedicated to the Greater Dark to the listener, including a cover of the military march ‘Die Wacht am Rhein’, in an attempt to forge an example of Black Military Metal.

Malpertuus- In Hora Mortis Vestrae

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