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Malignant Christ - Forever in Chaos

Malignant Christ’s 2011 album Forever in Chaos is death metal mediocrity. Nothing about this album stands out as creative or original. One derivative song flows into another and they all sound exactly the same. This album lacks purpose. It seems to me that this band missed the point on why people like death metal. The drumming is fast and precise with a standard death metal sound. The drums sound quite good honestly. That is easily the best part of this record. The rest is stock; boring songs punctuated by some of the worst vocals I have ever heard. Brandon Von sounds less like a death metal singer and more like a window that has been opened a crack in a car driving down the highway. He sounds terrible and redundant. There is no variety to his vox. He might have recorded one song and just used the same audio track for all the songs. It all sounds so similar. The guitar playing is fine but you have heard it all before. And the bass is virtually non-existent in the mix. This is a pointless album. It is not a good album. I listen to albums several times before I review them. The more I heard this one, the less I liked it. With so many bands playing inventive, creative music, you need not hear this one. The only time you might hear a band like this is when they are serving a need as a cheap warm-up act for a much better band.




1. Thrones of Golgotha

2. Forever in Chaos

3. Escape the Torment

4. Suspended in Agony

5. Mutilation Ritual

6. Blaspheming the Impious

7. Torches of Sodomy

8. Into the Pits of Cremation

9. Shrine of the Dismembered




Brandon Von – Guitars/Vocals

Lee LeTourneau – Bass



Rating: 4 out of 10


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