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2013 Demo”


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Now in this day and age when a band does a demo it can be either quite polished or sound like crap as not everyone wants to throw themselves into a studio and would prefer to record at home. Believe me there can be some great demo’s done at home and a lot has to be said about being the master of your own masterpiece.


So onward to the review …Here we have Malapetaka, who from the depths of Kuala Lumpur have given us a 3 track E.P of Thrashy Death Metal. Now I do have to say that production values weren’t really on the agenda here, the guitars are a little fuzzy sounding in the mix and the bass is up there in the mix too but for me the disappointing aspect was the drumming. Now I’m not knocking Malapetaka by any means, but with a more skilled drummer they could really carry their songs to another level. They have the riffs and songs for sure, the vocals are decent and venomous but the feeling that there could be more is ever present.


Maybe on their next effort they can really pull all the components together and conjure up something truly neck snapping and memorable.




1. Purity in Calamity

2. Malapetaka

3. Man Made Prophecy




Alias – Bass

Ashok – Guitars

Boon – Vocals

Naji – Drums



Rating: 5 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy


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