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Death Composition”


Macrofago - Death Composition

Sometimes, good bands release things that just leave you wondering, “What were they thinking”. Enter Chilean band Macrofago. They are a brutal, but pretty standard death metal band. The bands 2012 EP titled Death Composition is a short mix of songs that feels oddly thrown together with no rhyme or reason. The songs are certainly not bad, but this EP feels pretty shallow. The standout song is called AbraCadaver. Clever name, problem is that the whole song isn’t here. It abruptly ends leaving the listener wondering, what the fuck. Or maybe only I thought that. This EP contains nothing you can’t live without. I think this band has potential that the diffidently don’t show on Death Composition. I am sure that the songs here were taken from sources much better than this. Death Composition is not horrible, but it goes nowhere and feels unsatisfying. I am not writing off this band, just this unnecessary EP. If you choose to skip this one, you won’t be missing much.




1. Emily Rose

2. Storm of Blood

3. Into the Night

4. Darkness Inside Me

5. AbraCadaver




Oscar Pinto – Bass

Luis Reyes – Guitars

Renan Ordones – Guitars

Alvaro Ampuero – Vocals



Rating: 6 out of 10


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