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Machinergy were born on the 10th of June 2006 by the hands of Helder Rodrigues (drums) and Rui Vieira (vocals/guitar) in Arruda dos Vinhos, near Lisbon. The band’s name have its origin in the mixing of the words machine and energy. The sonority of the band is a blend of various metal styles, from traditional thrash mixed with some industrial, death and even some punk/crust influences.


++++ Black soundwaves ++++


Rhythmotion”, their first studio album was released in the 1st of September 2010. Recorded and produced by the band, it was mixed and mastered by Daniel Cardoso (Ultrasound Studios). It contains 10 songs and have the guest appearances of Célia Ramos (Mons Lvnae) in the song “Godus” and Hugo Rebelo (ex-Simbiose) in the song “Incendiário”. By this time, Machinergy wanted to start playing live but one piece was still missing: the bass element. After a few attempts to incorporate a bass player within Machinergy, João becomes part of the band in mid 2009.


After various gigs throughout the country supporting the album “Rhythmotion”, in July 2011, Machinergy parts ways with bass player João who leaves due to personnal issues. By the end of 2011 and already with a lot of material composed by then, Machinergy take refuge in their HQ (“15 Steps Up” Studio) and began to work on their new release. Initially, they thought to write and release only a song, named “1988″, but the idea evolved to the EP format and the songs “Machinevil”, “Trapollution” and “Dynamica” were added. But this EP would not be a vulgar EP.


++++ Boys In Blue ++++


Rhythm Between Sounds” was released in the 24th of September 2012 containing an intro and the four referred songs and is accompanied by a 33 minute documentary that portraits experiences, influences and the inspiration behind the concept of “Rhythm Between Sounds”. Both music and documentary were entirely mixed, mastered and directed by the band. The song “1988? is Machinergy’s homage to António Sérgio and Lança-Chamas “Flame-thrower”, to Luís Filipe Barros and Rock em Stock “Rock In Stock” (Portuguese radio-broadcasters and their radio-shows), to the influential year of 1988 and the 80’s decade in general that gave birth to so many legendary metal albums. The band released this material only in digital format for free download.


In January 2013, Nuno Mariano joins the band as bass player. Nuno Mariano had already played with Rui and Helder in their first adventure, Mortalha, and then joined again in late 90’s in Imunity (now renamed Groundustry).


In late April 2013, the “Rhythm Between Sounds” EP is released in a 3 way split CD with Brazilian bands Prellude and Retaliatory in a partnership with Portuguese Metal Soldiers Records and Brazilian Metal Underground Records.


++++ Beware the green lie ++++


The second full-length sees the light of the day on the 2nd day of June 2014. “Sounds Evolution” is composed by 10 fast, energetic, diverse and melodic songs and is the result of 4 years of intense hardwork. It was again recorded and produced by the band at their own studio-pit, the “15 Steps Up”. The album lyrics deal with life experiences, disillusions, anger, rage, planet Earth and some …hope? Maybe. Green is the color for hope.


Line Up 2014

Rui Vieira – vocals/guitar

Helder Rodrigues – drums

Nuno Mariano – bass


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