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Lurid Reign was created in the final days of a misanthropic adolescence in the year 2007.  Inspired at the time by Burzum, Darkthrone, Satyricon and Carpathian Forest, Hodr Vanorden embarked on the value of creating true Black Metal with the original idealism’s of the early 90’s.  Always to be a One Man Band but several painstaking years of equipment obtainment and failure unfortunately put this goal as a shameful hobby.  Now at 25 years old with one three track EP and a seven track full length CD, Lurid Reign is becoming a reputable force in the underground gaining many downloads.  True, uncompromising Black Metal from Edmonton, Canada. Ice cold riffing and hellish atmosphere in the vain of legends, Burzum and Sargeist!  Hail


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