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Lunar Reign
“Arcane Lust”
1999, Self Financed Demo

Lunar Reign - Arcane Lust

Just when you thought you had the American Black Metal scene figured out, Lunar Reign steps out of the woodwork of Florida with an amazing musical wisdom and conveyance of supreme, and sometimes mournful majesty. Definite European-influenced aggressive/melodic Black Metal, “Arcane Lust” is an undeniable sign of things to come. Dark and mystic, with a touch of melodic serenity, Lunar Reign is sure to take the scene by storm. This demo contains four songs and a skillful keyboard introduction written by guitarist/vocalist Spectral (ex-Burnt Church, Tyrants of the Flesh). The production is a bit muddy and varies from song to song, hence the lower rating, but the music is a masterful presentation with an evil and proud ambience that will chill even the strongest soul.



1. Fire Light Fornication

2. Northern Ice Fortress

3. Without My Weapons

4. Necromancer

5. Serenity in Woe



Spectral – Guitars/Vocals

Atrophous- Guitars

Vic – Bass

Torrid – Drums


Rating: 7 out of 10


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