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Lunar Reign was formed in August of 1998 by Spectral (Burnt Church/ Tyrants of the Flesh) and Torrid. In October of 1998, the duo recorded a short 3 song demo tape containing Firelight Fornication, Art of the Necromancer, and Dreams of the Necromancer, with Spectral fulfilling the roles of guitar, bass, and vocals and with Torrid on drums and vocals. Soon afterwards, Victor joined Lunar Reign on bass, and in May of 1999 Atrophous joined as lead guitarist. In July of 1999, Lunar Reign recorded a second five song demo titled “Arcane Lust”. This demo was sent to many labels and key people within the American black metal scene, and in October of 1999, Lunar Reign agreed to sign with Catatonic/Largactyl records out of California. In December of 1999, Lunar Reign began recording their first full length album entitled “Pacta Coventa Daemonum”. By February of 2000 Victor had left the band to concentrate on school and Elixium joined on keyboards. Currently, Lunar Reign is awaiting the final mix-down of their full length album; tentatively to be released late summer/early fall of 2000. Lunar Reign has also written approximately thirty minutes worth of material for their next full length. .

Lunar Reign - Arcane Lust

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