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Summon: Tell me some history on the band…

Spectral: We began in 1998… in July. It was originally Myself and Torrid, and I performed all duties save the drums. We wrote 3 songs which were “Art of the Necromancer”, “Dream of the Necromancer” and “Firelight Fornication”. It wasn’t until the winter time that we acquired Victor on the bass.



Summon: How did you guys meet?

Spectral: Through the members of Cryptic Winds … They were looking for a new drummer (I was playing bass) and they knew Andy from the Medieval fair a year back so we went to Gainesville to jam with him, needless to say he is no longer with Cryptic Winds, as they favored a drum machine.



Summon: How would you describe your music?

Atrophous: I’d say we sound like a cross between Satyricon, Darkthrone, and Gehenna. We have a pretty Norwegian sounding style.

Spectral: The music is influenced by older black metal, not as old as Celtic Frost or even Bathory, I like only the current form of Black Metal. Darkthrone is my biggest influence, but I don’t model my song writing after them. I think our sound is quite unique in that you can hear those influences, although it has something of its own flavor.



Summon: Where did you get the name Lunar Reign from?

Spectral: It is hard as you know to come up with a band name that hasn’t been taken, and it took a little while to think of one… The really good names seem to be all used up. I came up with Lunar Reign because I wanted to represent the moon but not have the word moon in the name plus I wanted to convey the image of a nocturnal kingdom where darkness reigns supreme.



Summon: You guys just recorded a demo right?

Spectral: Yeah, recorded by Devazur (from Cryptic Winds) on an 8 track analog recorder; 5 tracks, halfway decent production, although we could have spent more time on it; we were trying to get it out by the time Emperor came to Tampa.



Summon: What is the name of demo?

Spectral: The demo is called Arcane Lust.



Summon: Tell me about some of the songs on the demo.

Spectral: Surely…. the cd begins with a synth intro I recorded quite a while back in 1998 which lasts about 4 minutes, it is comprised of strings and timpani drums and choir voices and pipe organs… you know the good shit. Anyway, the second track is “Firelight Fornication”, which is basically about Fucking a satanic whore while you are burning the corner church to the fucking ground. The third track is “Without my Weapons” the 4th is called “Art of the Necromancer” and the last track is called “Northern Ice Fortress”.



Summon: Do you have any other demos or recordings besides this demo?

Spectral: We recorded a 4 track demo back in October of 98′ called “Burnt to Black”; it contained the three original tunes we had, firelight, art and dream.



Summon: Has the music changed much since the two demos?

Spectral: The musical style will definitely change in the future due to the addition of Atrophous on guitar, that and my tastes are changing slightly. But as far as what is there now, out of all our 8 songs, none sound similar to each other; my music is always changing a bit.



Summon: I’m assuming it’s changing for the better then?

Spectral: Well, that depends on the person listening. If it is someone who likes raw and evil, they may not like tunes that are well produced and conceived as happy riffing.

Atrophous: I think our music has some mellow parts to it, but I think we still have the raw evil feeling that true black metal is all about. The only thing that I would change is that I think we could be a little faster than we are.



Summon: Who writes the majority of the music and lyrics?

Spectral: I have done all song writing thus far, but it shall be a bit different in the future. I shall continue to write the lyrics unless I don’t feel like it anymore.



Summon: Where do you come up with your lyric ideas?

Spectral: I think of fantasy based things: the most evil thoughts, sex, occultism, and mix them together; usually I’m alone when i write them and in a strange mood.



Summon: Strange mood as in what?

Spectral: Like after I’ve just sacrificed a virgin (right). When I feel like the ideas that I write about are ready to present themselves; it makes me convulse and fall to the floor (not really just kidding).



Summon: Do you guys do rituals?

Spectral: Actually only two of us are seriously involved in the occult.



Summon: Are you?

Spectral: Just myself and Atrophous.

Atrophous: We’re only novices actually. I know a couple people who know a lot more than we do that aren’t in any bands. But I’ve done a couple curses here and there.

Spectral: I prefer the writings of Barret, the Mad Arab, Levi, to name a few.



Summon: What is the band like live?

Spectral: We like to wear paint on stage, and we have a side show freak act with midgets who blow fire out their asses; other than that I guess we just get up there and sweat it out you know.



Summon: Would you ever have a ritual performed while you guys play?

Spectral: I usually describe to the audience the lyrical content; perhaps, it is a touchy subject as far as that goes on stage and that; I’ll definitely rip my share of biblical propaganda.



Summon: Do people seem to really get into you guys at your shows?

Spectral: Well, seeming how we’ve only played two shows and those being at the same venue, I can’t really tell you, but yeah I guess so. I got to meet some cute girls; there was 3 girls hanging on me and asking to touch my spikes. I told them they have to ask their mommy… these girls were 14-16.



Summon: Who would you love to play with if given the chance?

Spectral: Gehenna, Darkthrone, Satyricon.



Summon: Okay I got one last question…. What does the future hold for the band?

Spectral: Spreading of the darkness, recruiting of the youth into our art, and the destruction of the church! We must sway the youth in our favor; living in chaos has its good points…..





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