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Lost Conception - Paroxysm Of Despair

When making progressive music, there are always some questions you need to ask yourself. Am I doing this just to show off? Is there always purpose to my songs? Am I aiming my music at an elitist’s club of musicians? People who are constantly trying to out do one another by seeing who can create more technically difficult riffs, trying to out do the next guy. Enter band Lost Conception. A slick Russian progressive death metal band that just might be a little too technical for there own good. That is not to say that their 2011 full-length album Paroxysm of Despair does not have moments of absolute brilliance, but too often the technical playing the band shows off seems a little forced. They certainly show the ability to play this music with ease. I was most impressed with Loki on bass. He weaves a perfect tapestry of stunning bass playing. I can’t help be reminded of Beyond Creation. The band shows they are able to spontaneously change time signatures and musical direction with flawless accuracy. The real drawback to this record is that nothing else really shines forth. Just when I think I am about to become emotionally invested in the song, it changes more into a show of “look what I can do”. Sometimes there is just too much going on at once. When the band slows things down and lets the song speak for itself, those are the stand out moments. Case in point, the song Infinity. It starts out slow and somber, then quickly everyone overplaying all at once, the mood of the song changes. It becomes more a show than an experience. Overall, I would say this album is good. You can hear the effort that when into each song. But this seems like an album made by technical musicians for technical musicians.




1. Pathetic Existence

2. Useless Shell of Void

3. Urbanistic Echoes of Evolution

4. Human Becomes an Idiot

5. One Step to the Grave

6. Torments for the Alteration

7. Society Equals Zero

8. Two-Faced Soul of Humanity

9. Infinity







Doctor -Guitar/Vocals

Verz – Guitar/Vocals

Loki – Bass/Acoustic Guitar

Mutilator -Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10


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