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…Were There Before They Born”


Lord Imapler - Athos - ...Were There Before They Born
I find splits fun to listen to but difficult to review. Wanting to focus on one thing at a time. Lord Impaler and Athos are both bands from Greece and both have contributed music that make the split solid and not unbalanced.


The First Band on the split is Lord Impaler, named for Vlad Tepes, and was inspired by Marduk’s Nightwing. Babylon Whore is the first song and just starts right off with single string picking and blast beasts. Instead of a single rhythmic chord play the song is melodic but heavy. Though Tragon does not profess any religious beliefs his vocals suggest a malign or vehemence for this Babylon Whore. Another quality that Tragon has is that his enunciation is amazing, most words are clear and purposeful.


The second track is The White Dream of Iz and while it shares similar qualities to Babylon Whore, the single string tremolo picking is more melodic and has more changes. It has a lighter feel than the first track and when Tragon sings “we will meet again at the end of time” it has a pop quality to it, but still maintains a heaviness that is not sappy. 


Lord Impaler is a really listenable band, that plays a melodic Black Metal that has an immediate catchiness. They have been active since 1998 and is further proof there is something happening in Greece that is bringing out really awesome Black Metal.


Athos is a one man band led by Kerveros who plays all instruments and Vocals.

Αείζωον Πυρ is the first track and is a slow melodic dirge. Kerveros has a high rasp, angry, awesome but with little enunciation. The bass along with the guitar have divergent melody but have a quality that makes you think of movie funeral, sort of bittersweet where whoever ever is being buried had to die but it is still a mournful goodbye. 


The second track The Final Vow is a little heavier track but still not picking up the pace. It is melodic, the lead vocals keep it in the Black Metal arena but the guitar is melodic power chord playing and gives it an 80’s metal feel. The dissonant back ground vocal adds a weird depressive Bauhaus feel. 


Overall Athos songs are an ironic juxtaposition of melody and mournful sorrow. I always admire when an album is created by one person. It takes a real drive and passion for one person to finish songs without out the support and revisionist quality of other musicians.




1. Lord Impaler – Babylon Whore

2. Lord Impaler – The White Dream of Ziz

3. Athos – The Final War

4. Athos – Αείζωον πυρ








Members of Lord Impaler:

Lord Nebulah – Guitars

Tragon – Vocals

Phlegethon – Bass



Members of Athos:

Kerveros – All Instruments




Lord Impaler – 9 out 10

Athos – 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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