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Living Impaired
“Blossom And Decay”
1998, Body Bag Records

Living Impaired - Blossom and Decay

I wasn’t quite sure if this band would still be around after the tragic death of bassist/vocalist Mike Rabeanu, but here they are with their persumably latest release(No year indicated anywhere on the CD.), Blossom And Decay. Living Impaired are from the same state I am, which is Maine. This band plays a good brand of death metal. The 10 songs contained on this CD has a good sense of execution, and were thought out well. The opening track, “With Hell Our Road Ends” is a fine opener, and a song that I fell was a good way to start off the CD with it’s dynamic hooks that immediatley pull you in. There are 2 instrumentals on this album called, “Slave To The Masses”, and “World Keeps Spinning”. Both of the instrumentals are very good, with the music being very direct and forceful, and unlike other instrumentals which at times feel like filler just to make a complete album. The production on this album is surprsingly well done, which had me amazed. Plus them being a 3 piece, you wouldn’t think they would get the heavy sound that they do have. A pretty good disc with songs that will keep you interested for years to come.



1. With Hell Our Road Ends

2. Through the Looking Glass

3. Basic Values

4. Neanderman

5. Technocolor Yawn

6. Slave to the Masses

7. Sinator

8. Ride the Machine

9. (Out of the Ashes) Blossom and Decay

10. World Keeps Spinning



Steve Boucher – Drums

Eric Gosselin – Guitars

Shane Yonuss – Vocals/Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10


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