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Lantern - Below

You can never judge a book by its cover… or in this case a CD cover. Upon first glance i was expecting some nihilistic Black Metal with cavernous vocals, flies in a jar guitar sound and a pots and pans sounding drum kit…how wrong was I!


Lantern hail from Finland and play a crushing style of Swedish style Death Metal with a nod to the Old School but still sounding fresh and modern. When i noticed this was on Dark Descent records I was looking forward to it even more as they do have a knack for putting out good, quality bands and Lantern fit well into their roster.


Over the 39 minutes we are treated to some great riffage and dare I say catchy songs which flow seamlessly.


Well worth parting with your hard earned cash and blowing your eardrums out to.




1. Rites of Descent

2. Revenant

3. Entrenching Presences

4. Manifesting Shambolic Aura

5. Demons in My Room

6. Below

7. From the Ruins




Cruciatus – Lead Guitars

Necrophilos – Vocals

J. Noisehunter – Bass

St. Belial – Rhythm Guitars

J. Poussu – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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