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Za Nebokray Mriy”


Kvity Znedolenykh Berehiv - Za Nebokray Mriy

Biography: Dmytro Pryymak, serves as the only member of the band, performing all instruments, of a doom metal album with layered atmospheric.


Additional Information: The band name roughly translated as The Flowers of Crestfallen Shores and this album recorded at Blacklight Studio, it is a 2-track demo.


U obiymakh (Translates: In Embrace (Quiet Waters)

This first track, sets forth the typical heavy growl and accustomed bleakness, and yet soon enough changes and grows more emboldened in a doom atmosphere with emotional crushing passages that truly transcend the typical doom realm. The presentation of clean and growl vocals sets itself apart from many common faire, and combines a mellow and yet crisp balanced track layered with achievement for covering the details, which often appear on a demo track.


Yakby Zori (Translates: If the Stars)

The second and last track pushes the branches of death and doom musical styles to the melodic pace that brings images of despair, and cold chilling experience, making one relive a moment from many classic zombie horror movies, the abandonment of all hope and escape lost for all eternity. This track shows and conveys all levels of depression and rising rage of anguish, with the absolute understanding and engages with the listener on all levels.



This release is without a doubt a powerful doom album filled with devastating emotional sweeps in darkness and despair though not to the level of the infamous band Endvra, but rather using the piano elements with a soul shattering vocal growl that surrounds the listener into a firmly professional sounding demo.



1. U obiymakh

2. Yakby Zori







Dmytro Pryymak – All Instruments



Rating: 7 out of 10

~ Baron Craze

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