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Formed in 2008 under the leadership of Lord Astaroth, Kurgaall is a satanic black metal project that aims at bringing black metal music back to its original sound, being its goal that of seizing the essence of black metal rather than that of experimenting. Kurgaall’s main characteristics are fast drumming, sharp and cold guitar sounds together with violent and steady screaming, all common features to the Swedish true black metal scene as a whole. Kurgaall’s style is fast and harmonic at the same time and is inspired by the early music of other black metal bands such as Dark Funeral and Setherial. Kurgaall’s lyrics are satanic-themed both from a philosophical and a ritual perspective, being Lord Astaroth very keen on such topics and an expert on the subject. On stage, singer and songwriter Lord Astaroth performs with guitarist Nippland, bass player Nazgûl, drummer Murgur and live drummer Anagaton.


Kurgaall’s debut demo titled “death to the Infidels” was released in 2009 by the band itself and included 4 tracks. Of these, “in the way of the Goat” stands out for its violent screaming, crushing drumming and ice-cold guitars.

In 2011 Kurgaall has contracted with the Italian record label Lo-fi creatures, thus releasing its first full-eight album titled “Summi Verbi Lucifer”, already very popular among black metal fans due to its pure satanic black metal allure that leaves no room for compromises.


In 2012 the line-up has changed with the incoming of the axeman Azagaroth and the drummer Aamon, restarting with an intense live activity, in September


Coven Cult Records remastered the first demo “Death to the Infidels” with the addition of a Bonus track, and, at the beginning of 2013 Kurgaall recorded a new track that will feature in the split album with the Slovenian black metal band Bleeding Fist, titled “Black Metal Mafia”, that will be released in May by Eternal Winter Records.


Since then, Kurgaall has performed many gigs and has been on tour with major historical black metal groups such as Taake, Tsjuder, Forgotten Tomb, Inquisition, Enthroned, Gorgoroth, Vader, Anaalnathahk, Impiety, Whiskey Ritual and other Lo-fi bands.

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