Krymzon Review


Scriptures of Disgust

10 Track Album

Release Date: 11th June 2016

Written for Blackened Horde Zine

By: Pagan Hel



Krymzon – Mansfield, Ohio


Genre: Blackened Death Thrash – Metal



“Hailing from central Ohio, Krymzon have been ripping their way through their local metal scene since early 2011. When their debut full-length record titled Origins was released independently in June of 2013, it immediately took on a life of its own. It has been described as “a raw and savage assault that starts out strong and remains so throughout” and “most certainly an album made to rip through a mosh pit”. With buzz about the album circulating along the East Coast, these statements are proving to be anything but false. It is believed by Krymzon’s fans, known as Krymzon Nation that Origins is the start of something huge. Krymzon’s second studio album titled “Scriptures of Disgust” (Released in June of 2016) is a step in a new direction for the band while keeping true to their roots. A more bold, modern sound fused with the traditional sounds of essential metal from the past (Slayer, Pantera, Testament, etc.). Krymzon has proven with this effort that they are not afraid to step outside their boundaries a bit and test the waters. It is this evolving creativity that the band thrives on, and it keeps their fans wondering what is in store for their future music. Krymzon – Ron Wise (Vocals), Ryan Arter (Drums), Joey Van Dine (Guitar), Adam Anderson (Bass), have one common goal; to elevate their brand of metal to the masses. To accomplish this goal, they know that they must maintain the vitality and primal chaos that their discography possesses. These characteristics apply to Krymzon’s live show as well. From diving off the drum riser to moshing with the crowd, anyone who has ever been to a Krymzon show knows that their performances are anything but predictable. Day by day, Krymzon continue to create vicious, dangerous, intense music in the studio, and on stage. No matter where they play, people respond very well. It is the combination of their musical relationship and their undying drive to take Krymzon to the highest levels possible that really make this band special. It is safe to say; Krymzon is in this for the long haul!”


The scene is set, the anticipation apparent Krymzon has forged a pathway to for the possession of your soul with this track Tyrants of Hate as it thrashes through its paces and ravishes the ears with a harsh and abrasive vocal that breeds an unforgiving rhythm you can tell these guys mean business. Most definitely metal but not black metal as the cover would suggest. Diminishment of Reason is another thrash ‘for your pleasure’ track that is raw and intoxicating as it continues to bruise the senses and smash with powerful drumming and grating riffs. The vocal exceed expectation as they change from one end of the scale to the other – superb range! Dissonance sends out an eerie message that holds very disturbing factors. The menacing operatic voice with the thunder that accompanies it giving out the strangest of vibes – it is a filler track but it does have a reason for being there and that is to add to the build-up as you don’t know what is going to hit next! Lunacy Divine is a poke at religion and lets face it, it is a farcical book that has been written so many times the morals have gotten lost in the lies, so why not write about it and poke fun? Krymzon has created a monster track here – it is fuelled with taunting grooves and maniacal vocals with superb harmonies. Conforming to the Unknown lunges through the speakers with a choppy stomp of thrashing metal and low toned growls that mesmerise. It also hosts a nu-metal feel about it as the grooves come quick and plentiful adding to the instant flames that it gives off. Rapture Denied is a very edgy track that holds a lot of ambiences and winds its way toward the audial like a snake after its prey. It’s captivating and even more so when it unfolds and lets the beast loose from its restraints. Its tendencies lean towards blackened thrash which really presses the urgent matter forward with a 100% mile an hour thrust! Birthing the Nephilim brings a choral choir into the fold before spewing evil darkness over them as the riffs take on an unhinged and insane jangle, the bass hooks smash your teeth in and the vocal roar becomes menacing. Sempiternal Abhorrence can be likened to the charge of the light brigade as the provocation it emanates is lethal and deadly. The riffs tend to throw the mind into some sort of chaos and the drums hold and inescapable rumble that makes for solid textures that weave into the band’s sound. Cognitive Edification is another track that holds samples. The eerie laugh the soft whispers of a female voice, the foreign sounding male voice and the acoustic strings melt together in a very strange mix indeed. Ruins Burning is the final track on the album and goes out with a bang! Its rapacious stomp and tremendous vocal range come together like a well-oiled machine, along with a smattering of beats and tenacious riffs! It is a deadly combination that every metal head should love! Ron Wise should be proud of his vocal range just as Joey, Adam and Ryan can be proud to have created such a monster! But to call themselves just ‘Metal’ is a real understatement as this is a lot harsher showing prevalent traits of thrash, black and in some instances Death metal. Don’t sell yourself, short guys!







Tyrants of Hate

Diminishment of Reason


Lunacy Divine

Conforming to the unknown

Rapture Denied

Birthing the Nephilim

Sempiternal Abhorrence

Cognitive Edification

Ruins Burning




Ron Wise – Vocals

Joey Van Dine – Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Adam Anderson – Bass

Ryan Arter – Drums




Krymzon - Origins

Krymzon is a thrash metal band hailing to us from the US. This is a band that seems to nail the proper intensity to elevate thrash metal to a much more savage place. Krymzon’s debut full-length record, titled Origins, is a raw and savage assault that starts out strong and remains so throughout. The result is an album that has accomplishes what it sets out to do, give the listener a vicious and cruel thrash metal experience. This is a fun record that is perhaps light on variety but achieves its own sound through spirited performances and some powerful musicianship. Leading the charge is singer Ron Wise. He is a vicious singer that makes you feel his raspy, shouting delivery. What he lacks in variety he makes up for with the power of how he sings and the feeling he adds. That is not to say everyone that plays on Origins is not outstanding. Drummer Ryan Arter is pronominal. Constantly keeping the primal chaos of Origins grounded with exceptional drumming. This is a great thrash metal album but it is not without its flaws. There is a lack of variety that holds Origins back from true greatness. These songs tend to blend together as you listen. This is most certainly an album made to rip through a mosh pit. Krymzon has the potential to be a major player in today’s thrash metal scene. They seem fit to take on thrash’s more savage side. In that role Krymzon could soar. Origins is a good start for this band. Now, hopefully they can expand their sound.




1. From Illusion to Insanity

2. The Foe in Question

3. Legions of Verity

4. Exousia

5. Origins

6. Abide By Denial

7. Aphorisms of Shame

8. The Converging




Ron Wise – Vocals

Joey VanDine – Guitars

Adam Anderson – Bass

Ryan Arter – Drums



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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