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Hyborian Age”


Krownn - Hyborian Age

Are you ready for some Doom? Of course you are! Here we have Krownn hailing from Venice, Italy. Krownn play a devilish blend of Cathedral/Pentagram/Saint Vitus/Count Raven with a dirty sounding production which gives the album a “dated” kind of feel to it.


The 6 tracks on offer each clock in at over 5 minutes a piece, which as far as Doom goes that’s probably not that long at all.


The album flows nicely, the guitars are a thick wall of sound, the bass has a distinctive groove to it and the drums keep everything at a steady pace.


Highlight of the album comes in the shape of the song “Gods of Magnitogorsk”, I love the old school vibe they captured with the opening riffs, I felt the ghost of Sleep or even Trouble had been awakened and for a moment and I felt like I had gone back in time.


Well worth picking up if you love the aforementioned bands, this would sit nicely next to any of those bands releases. Great stuff!




1. For the Throne of Fire

2. The Woodwose

3. At the Cromlech

4. Gods of Magnitogorsk

5. Stormborn

6. The Melnibonean




Silvia Selvaggia Rossato – Bass

Elena Fiorenzano – Drums

Michele el Lello Carnielli – Vocals/Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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