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“Demo 2010”

Krew - Demo 2010

The opening atmosphere gives the listener a very eerie feeling, use of acoustic guitar with the atomspheric reverb makes for a fantastic short opening track, very immersive black metal, thrashing snare-heavy drumming makes for a super fast feel, the vocal style along with the rhythmic guitar harmonies panned as far apart as possible make it a demo to listen to through either a high quality stereo or with good headphones on to enjoy the full range of black metal they offer. recorded and mastered with a mid-range quality so it’s still reminiscent of the black metal masters such as Venom and early Bathory. Full of catchy rhythms you can’t help but nod or tap along to, relatively short tracks mean the tracks aren’t overly drawn out. The subject matter for the songs complete the experience. The end track has a slow melodic, almost depressive black metal feel to it that makes it a very feely track to end on just to get your emotions going before the demo ends, surely a repertoire that would appeal to any kvlt black metal lover without losing it’s appeal over time.



1. Followers of the Darkened Path

2. Inclusus

3. Scriptum for Satan

4. For the Druids

5. In Dialogue with Boron



Nimrod – Guitars

Taranis – Bass

Mort – Guitars

Nihilaeus – Vocals

Wulfing – Drums


Rating: 8 out of 10


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