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King Stench - Ungod

King Stench is a rhythmic death metal band hailing to us from the USA. The band’s second full-length effort, 2011’s Ungod is a fairly standard death metal experience, more or less. What we get is a record that seems content to fit in. This is certainly not a bad album. It has its share of musical variety within the death metal genre. Singer/guitarist King Stench is not a one-note death metal singer and can stretch between deep and heavy up to high and raspy. Time changes help to break up Ungod and work toward giving each song an identity. That would be the biggest flaw with Ungod; it is hard to separate this album from others in death metal. It blends in among the crowd. When King Stench makes the attempt to slow down and let these songs speak for themselves, there are moments where Ungod shines. The last song on the album, titled Last Breath is a prime example of just how King Stench can stand out. Last Breath is a slower song and flows with momentum. It also happens to be the longest on the record, clocking in at just past the six-minute mark. It is songs and moments like that that help distinguish King Stench from the rest. But unfortunately, it is not enough to raise King Stench up out of the bowels of death metal mediocrity.




1. Ungod

2. Putrid Remains

3. False Prophets

4. Goat Lord

5. Hell Hounds

6. Left For Dead

7. Demented Souls

8. The End

9. Stench of Death

10. Last Breath




Hanus Flatus – Bass

Decrepit Bowels – Drums

Cess Pool – Lead Guitar

King Stench – Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 6.5 out of 10


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