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Kataplexy - Promo 2012

Kataplexy is a Chicago based band that seems to blend brutal death metal with technical death metal. There is almost a touch of progressive death metal here too. This three-song demo is this bands third release since 2008. These three songs are a blurry mess of some brilliant playing and some redundant playing. Musically, the real standout here is bass player Joel Sandoval. Sandoval is a constant presence throughout each song and really breathes life into each one with changing and evolving bass lines that show off what a virtuoso on the instrument he is. But, all of his bass lines are song serving. He never sounds like he is over-playing. His spectacular performance on this demo is the only part I can really get behind. The rest is pretty standard fare. These three songs really don’t evoke any kind of feeling or emotion. The vocals are weak and fuzzy, and very one-dimensional. There is nothing here that separates one song from another. If there was no pause between tracks, this demo would just sound like one love song devoid of meaning, purpose, and light on creativity. It is obvious to me that this band has the ability to craft a record that is deep and inventive. Sadly this demo shows us little that we haven’t heard elsewhere done better.




1. Consumed for Companionship

2. Improper Disposal

3. A Facial Detachment







Paul Garcia – Vocals

Joel Sandoval – Bass

Matt Getto – Drums

Mike Mayborne – Guitars

Ken Pannaralla – Vocals



Rating: 5.5 out of 10


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