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Kalodin - Sarv

Symphonic metal should be dominant, commanding, and epic. Over the last decade or so, symphonic black metal has been gaining popularity among people that love extreme music. And why not, it’s awesome. Bands like Dimmu Borgir have brought symphonic metal out of the darkness and broadened its appeal. While listening to Nepalese symphonic black metal band Kalodin I could not help be reminded of Borgir. But Kalodin’s 2012 EP titled SARV is strong enough to stand on it’s own. These four songs are marvelous. They have everything you want from symphonic metal. This demo proves that Kalodin can stand tall with giants of the genre. I never knew what to expect next in each song, and I was always impressed. Whether it was a brutal double bass assault on songs like Fallen Empire, or the dismal feelings caused by songs like Pathless, the band pulled off the music flawlessly. Each song is a voyage through darkness, and each is meticulously crafted. You will hear a similarity to Dimmu Borgir, but this demo is so well constructed and impressive that you probably won’t care.




1. Fallen Empire

2. Ov Creation

3. Pathless

4. Trishula







Bikash Rai – Bass

Gobinda Senchury – Drums

Om EO – Guitars

Davin Shakya – Guitars/Backing Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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