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Cause the War Never Ends”


Justabeli - Cause the War Never Ends...
This is an album about war. One can tell from the bands discography, inspiration, covers and even the damn names, it’s all about war. War is a justifiable theme, recurring, imminent and inevitable. These guys managed to actually take a new strategy on the music and use it as a weapon.


The music changes from dissonant sections to rhythmic riffs. The music shows inspiration from old-school ‘Death’ Death metal and even modern, more extreme variants, overall being well balanced in the majority of the genre’s spectrum. The use of samples before most songs clearly indicate what the album is all about but they become a bit overused a few tracks in. The percussion is an excellent timekeeper, while still being able to throw wild blast beats in your face. The bass guitar is played in a skilful manner standing out from the guitars at point in time, and it’s always refreshing to hear bass lines being not only audible but actually played in a manner that you can actually hear variances. The vocals are nothing over the top, but they do complement the rest of the instruments.


The album sounds average in terms of audio. Average, not mediocre mind you. There is a decent range of dynamics, not everything up in the ceiling. I must remark the bass guitar again as it was mixed perfectly within the other tracks. The soundscape seems to this all the right frequencies in the right manner.

Not much to say about the album cover for the artwork says it all. It’s an album about war. That’s about it.


Will I listen to it again? I might pique my cravings for a decent death metal track with my favorite one, but mostly I won’t, partly because it’s not my favorite niche in metal. I might also add that while this release takes from a lot of forms of metal, making it not so ‘fresh’, it did blend them to a unique combination which is a challenging thing to do in it and I respect that.




1. Die In The War

2. Soldiers Of Satan

3. Cause The War Never Ends

4. A Face Da Morte

5. Infected By Radiation

6. Divine Fall

7. We Are The Elite

8. War Crime

9. Satan’s Whores


Favorite track is 6







Walter Feres – Bass/Vocals

Marcelo Furlanetto – Drums

Blasphemer – Guitars



Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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