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Well band bio: Iskalde Morket was formed in around 2010 in a small village near Norwich England by John Rogers. Just out of frustration of not being able to find like mind musicians to play music with. A solo project, John plays everything bar drums which are programmed. Iskalde Morket put out a couple of EP’s around 2011. Really basic and cheap sounding and minimalistic. Primarily influenced by blut aus nord. going for dissonant as possible sound. When a friend gave him a more hi tech software programme to record with John began making more technical and faster music. Primarily influenced by Deathspell Omega and Leviathan. Iskalde Morket put out the EP ‘Submerged From Light’ early 2013. John is now working on a new full length album entitled ‘Pestilential Necrosis vol 2: the great dying.

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