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Germany has decided to flex its black metal muscle by delivering to us a black metal band that fuses a slight touch of death metal sound fullness into their powerful black metal. Irem is a fantastic metal band that focuses its strength on KVLT black metal but infuses a mild speck of death metal to add richness to an already deep and exhausting metal experience. The bands 2013 full-length record titled Obscuritas Aeterna is this German bands fourth full-length effort and it succeeds in every way. This is an intense black metal experience punctuated by incredible performances from this extremely talented group. Musically, the playing is tight and razor sharp. The band will jump time signatures but not so much genres. This is black metal through and through, The trebly guitar has more of an opulence that gives the over all experience more power than, say, a band like Darkthrone. Ralf has a flawless black metal voice and stays consistent. Never jumping genre or singing clean he always stays within the limits of what the band needs to soar. Simon and Falko each deliver on terrific guitar performances. The two of them lift each song and make them more into than just standard black metal. This album as a whole is a vicious, nasty, malicious, and cruel piece of art that I think any fan of the genre will love. Obscuritas Aeterna is a marvelous undertaking that oozes with style and seeps with carnage. This ranks among the finest, most well constructed black metal albums of 2013.




1. Eternal Hate

2. Your Blood

3. Temples

4. We’ll Be Free

5. Chains of Flesh

6. Xul

7. Masks of Mankind

8. Battle Scene

9. Arrogance




Ralf Bastian – Bass

Falko – Guitars

Ralf – Vocals

Simon – Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10


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