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Infernal Poetry - Paraphilias

From Ancona, Italy we have Infernal Poetry who play a solid blend of Death/Thrash with some breakdowns thrown in for good measure. The production is top notch and the guitars sound big and well rounded, the drummer is worthy of mention here as he puts in a great performance and keeps things interesting. The vocals are your typical Death/Thrash style (think more of the Darkane style here).


The ten tracks rumble along nicely but you get the feeling that towards the end of the album that they were running out of ideas.


Sad to say Infernal Poetry are no more and have since disbanded as of April 2014.


Good effort all round and worth picking up a copy if you are a fan of Nuclear Blast Records Death/Thrash roster.




1. Preliminaries

2. Stumps

3. In Glorious Orgy

4. Hypertrophic Jellyfish

5. Everything Means “I”

6. Barf Together

7. Cartilages

8. The Copy / Paste Syndrome

9. The Miss-Treated

10. Paraphilias




Christian Morbidoni – Guitars

Daniele Galassi – Guitars/Vocals

Alessandro Infusini – Bass

Paolo Ojetti – Vocals

Alessandro Vagnoni – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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