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Incipient Chaos - Sulphur

This is another decent black metal release, especially for a debut release. Blast beats a-plenty, tremolo picking, howled vocals, all the usual. This reminds me of 1349 a little. The French scene has some really good bands in the black metal genre. Some people may get tired of the “usual” black metal band but I love when they stick to their roots. Sure change can be good too but in my opinion that is taken to far sometime and ruins it. I listen to all styles and sub-genres, so it isn’t like I just have one “favorite”. I like it all really. I liked the angry feel to this one. For fans of 1349, Gorgoroth, etc…




1. We Live

2. Redemption by Lie

3. War . Blood . Flesh

4. Black Hate

5. Sulphur




Chaos 3 – Bass

Chaos 4 – Drums

Chaos 2 – Guitars

Chaos 5 – Vocals

Chaos 1 – Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10






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