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Atrophous: First of all, how many members are in the band?

Damian: Currently, there are 3 active members.



Atrophous: Is there not a 4th member who might be doing vocals?

Damian: Yeah, he might be joining on vocals pretty soon, but he’s got to move up to Gainesville out of that shitty Ocala town.



Atrophous: Where did you get the band name Impurity from?

Damian: Well, I wanted a name that would generalize sickness and could convey a broad spectrum of topics within it’s definition. You cant go very far with “Cannibal Corpse” or “Morbid Angel” (not that they aren’t great band). I mean, here we have a corpse that is a cannibal. What’s he going to do? Probably kill, fuck and eat people. That’s about it. I came up with “Impurity” because the definition of the word covers numerous subjects: religious sin, blasphemy, sickness, disease, death, unholiness, deformity, bodily excretions/secretions, rot, abnormality, demonology, sexual morbidity, mental disturbance, etc.



Atrophous: Tell me more about your lyrics. They aren’t your typical death metal gore lyrics. From what I hear, they are more

on the demonic side. Could you elaborate more on that?

Damian: Well, they are definitely demonic of nature. They deal less with gore and more with evil, demons, demonology and the likes. There are some gore elements in the lyrics, but they tend to have more of a fantastic role.



Atrophous: Are you guys involved in the occult or is it just used as a lyrical topic?

Damian: We have an occasional running around here and there. Not anything as far as the practicing of magic goes, but we have our little mischief sessions.



Atrophous: Tell me about the influences for your music.

Damian: I basically started out liking the same as a lot of the metal fans would be into such as Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower and things like that. As my tastes progressed, I started to get into some black metal bands, but mostly my music is influenced by bands like Bolt Thrower, Internal Bleeding, Broken Hope, Mortician, etc etc. I tend to take some melodic inspiration from some of the black metal that I listen to such as Immortal and Satyricon. Most of the new influence I take from, though, comes from bands such as Devourment, Disgorge, Deprecated, Deeds of Flesh… a lot of the newer underground. More brutal death metal.



Atrophous: So what is the song “Demonic Fetal Harvest” all about?

Damian: It’s about a demon harvesting babies and nurturing their mothers. Unbeknownst to the mothers, though, the fetus happens to be the only source of nourishment for the demon father, so he must consume them upon birth and sometimes has his way with them.



Atrophous: What would your favorite band be of all time?

Damian: well that changes from year to year for me. Right now I’d have to say that as my death metal tastes go, I would have to say Suffocation.



Atrophous: What band that is still around today, would you want to play the most with?

Damian: That’s a tough one. I’d have to say Immortal. They would probably be one of the more tough bands to get a show with along with one of my favorites… including Bolt Thrower and maybe Disgorge.



Atrophous: what do you think of the black metal scene today?

Damian: Well, I’m not so much of fan of the image as much as I am the message and the music itself. Some things such as corpse paint can be over-used, and I think that less bands should use that aspect of the music to promote themselves. In general, black metal conveys more of an evil and atmospheric feeling than most death metal bands can’t accomplish aside from groups like Incantation and Immolation.



Atrophous: What black metal bands would you support?

Damian: Support? Meaning what?



Atrophous: If there were certain black metal bands playing shows, which would be the most desirable that you might attend?

Damian: Probably Satyricon, Immortal, Burzum, Mayhem, Dark Throne, Marduk and Dissection (r.i.p.).



Atrophous: I understand you designed covers for some bands already. Tell me more about that.

Damian: Yes. I did cover artwork for a band named Cryptic winds located here in Florida. I also designed all of Lunar Reign’s “Arcane Lust” demo along with our own soon-to-be- released demo, “Hate and the Upheaval of Woe.”



Atrophous: So does Impurity currently have a demo out?

Damian: It is untitled as we speak, but will probably not be released because it didn’t quite meet my expectations.



Atrophous: What are your views on organized religion?

Damian: It’s basically the fundamentalist groups inside the religions that kind of piss me off. I don’t have an active political viewpoint on any specific religious matter, but I would definitely say that the newest religion, the one that is easiest to follow, Christian fundamentalism disgusts me the most. It is pretty much the trash of any organization and it’s something that we all see no matter where we go.



Atrophous: And how do you feel about Christian death metal bands like Mortification and Believer?

Damian: Actually, the music I have heard from them is pretty poor, so I would have to say that musically, their insight on metal music in general is pretty shitty and I don’t really see a place for it in the scene.



Atrophous: Do you feel that these band should just get out of the entire scene altogether?

Damian: Absolutely.



Atrophous: So would you do an interview with Bill Zebub from the Grimoire of Exhalted Deeds if he asked you?

Damian: Sure, why not?



Atrophous: How do you think he would treat you guys?

Damian: Well, it is not exactly something that I lose sleep over. After all, they tend to favor death metal band anyway.



Atrophous: So where do you see this band 5 years from now?

Damian: Same place as it is now. Tearing up the fucking keg parties.



Atrophous: Do you plan any attempts to get signed at all?

Damian: We’ll see what happens, but as it stands, we don’t even have a good demo recorded yet, so we’ll see where it goes from here.



Atrophous: Any last word or future plans?

Damian: We intend to be a key ingredient in the rising number of bands who will put Florida back on the map in the death metal underground.





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