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“At the Heart of Winter”
1999, Osmose Productions

Immortal - At The Heart Of Winter

The Legendary Immortal are back again with their latest offering of blistering, frost-bitten storm winds. Still uncompromising, blizzard-driven Black Metal, “At the Heart of Winter” is far from disappointing. Lachrymose and cold, “At the Heart of Winter” is a fantastic and powerful tale of grim reminiscence with a passionate and desperate climax in every song. Desolate and barren landscapes roll and turn in the mind as the album progresses with a soaring overview of forgotten battles waged centuries ago, leaving only scattered remains and the snow-covered wreckage of ancient civilizations. A masterpiece without a doubt, along with every release in the past, Immortal’s true mastery of this art is undeniable and will never be forgotten. The overwhelmingly obvious message of this album conveys a chilling defeat to some waning reign that has seen its day, but has now come to an end. Perfect, thick production, elder vocals that freeze the spine, firmly precise drumming, and shivering rhythmic melody sure to make any feeble imposter fall to their knees in obeisance.



1. Withstand the Fall of Time

2. Solarfall

3.Tragedies Blows at Horizon

4. Where Dark and Light Don’t Diff

5. At the Heart of Winter

6. Years of Silent Sorrow



Abbath – Vocals

Horgh- Drums

Iscariah – Bass



Rating: 10 out of 10


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