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The Entry Of The Demons”


Iapethos - The Entry Of The Demons

When I reviewed the 2012 demo titled Shrines of Chaos by Finnish black metal master Iapethos, I felt he had what it takes to craft a brilliant album full of dark fury and creative song writing. Now in 2013 I am proven right by the sophomore release The Entry Of Demons. This is the second release by Iapethos and his first full-length album. Iapethos is still only a one-man band but this time around he has added a few slight industrial elements to his low-fi masterpiece. The majority of this album it fairly traditional fuzzy guitar blasting black metal, but done very well. The vocals have a raspy fuzz to them that almost resembles industrial metal, but a little weaker so it fits well here. As a vocalist, Iapethos is pretty one note, but his rage shines through his performance and he complements his music very well. Musically is where this record really takes off. Like I said before, the record has a traditional black metal sound, but Iapethos’s creative song writing takes hold and as it stands, it is very strong. But not content with just fitting in Iapethos adds a whole slew of different imaginative ideas to lift his work beyond just another good black metal act. The introduction of sample elements like emotion heavy keyboards and some dynamic drumming gives his work a deeper meaning. It can be vicious at one point and melancholy the next. But these elements are downplayed for the benefit of the song. There is never too much going on at once so the songs can stay focused. The Entry Of Demons is a great entry into the library of Iapethos. A library that I hope will continue to grow over the years. Iapethos is a master at his art, and The Entry Of Demons proves it.






1. Intro

2. Their Impending Appearance

3. Revealing of the Lapsis Philosophorum

4. Into the Dimension of the Horned One

5. The Drawing

6. Apostles of Misanthropy

7. Incantation of the New Empire

8. These Nameless Gods

9. The Entry of the Demons







Iapethos – All Instruments/Vocals



Rating: 8.5 out of 10






Shrines Of Chaos”


Iapethos - Shrines Of Chaos

It would seem in this day and age that bands made up of one or two people are getting better and better. Iapethos a one-person black metal act out of Finland. Iapethos’s first demo called Shrines Of Chaos is not going to break the mold, but proves he knows what he is doing and is creative enough to make a demo that both blends in and stands out. The strength of this demo comes in its delivery. Everything that classifies true black metal is here. Furiously fast riffs, killer fast drumming, and raspy, evil vocals. Iapethos knows good guitar riffs and throws in a few that really lift these songs. Especially in songs like Unleash the Gift of Prometheus and The Night of the Mind. The problem I have with this demo is that it doesn’t bring anything you haven’t heard before. There is some brilliant song writing here, but it is too often punctuated a very familiar sound. That is not to say that it is bad; far from it. The demo is a little light on atmosphere though; save for the song Enter the World of Silhouettes. But, Iapethos had to start somewhere, and the demo he has put together, by himself, is a good one. I expect this guy could do some truly marvelous music in the future, but for now, Shrines of Chaos is a good step in the right direction.




1. Intro

2. Unleash the Gift of Prometheus

3. Shrines of Chaos Constructed of Hate

4. The Call of the Necropolis

5. Iapethos Xul

6. The Night of the Mind

7. Enter the World of Silhouettes







Iapethos – All Instruments/Vocals



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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