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From an idea of LM (Goya) born the I Will Kill You, Extreme Obscure Metal band, the songs written and recorded in pre-production, between mid 2010 and the end of it, are recruited into the band, in order: Klaudia (disasterhate) vox , Peppe (Memories of a Lost Souls) on drums, ANDREA (Mannaka) bass. The band found the stability of the lineup in early 2011 will come in 3 different studios to record their first demo/EP “PLASTINATION” death thrash metal albums cuisine with a personal, registration will close at the end of April of the same year.


First demo/EP “PLASTINATION” is printed and published in July 2011.


The demo/EP got many positive feedbacks from audience and specialized fanzines and also flattering and positive reviews, (UNDERGROUND METAL ITALIA), (MONDO METAL), (TRUEMETAL.IT), (METAL WAVE), (ALONE MUSIC), (ARISTOCRAZIA WEBZINE), (METAL BRIGADE), (ITALIA DI METALLO), (PAINMETAL WEBZINE), (METALLIZED.IT), one among many top demo’s position on “Metal of Death Webzine” and “Metal Maniac” vote 9/9, and on (ROCKHARD/INFERNO MAGAZINE) vote 8.


During the month of October 2011, the IWKY and Peppe (drum) shall agree to separate, because of the many commitments that him had. Immediately the band recruited Alessandro Venders’ Santilli
(Necrotorture/Lahmia) with which the IWKY collaborate from the beginning in the drafting of new material.


In March 2012 IWKY are contacted by “MondocanEventi Live” to open a gig of the Bombers, Motorhead cover band, including the ranks sees Mr. Abbath (Immortal), together with ThrashBombz.
In April 2012, in a contest organized by Music WebRadio Mammoth, the song “Embalming The Human Corpse” is awarded by the jury as, “Best Metal Song 2012 in Southern Italy.”


In May 2012, another live event that sees IWKY, contacted by Blacknight live events, such as co-headlining the first day of the three, for the Festival “MetalCamp Sicily” in support of Ecnephias.



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