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Seraphical Euphony”


Hyperion - Seraphical Euphony


An epic masterpiece of blackened death metal!  A highly melodic fast and furious journey into the underworld of darkness and transcending to light. A great piece for sitting in traffic and just want to enjoy the moment. One of my favorites this year so far!


I give it four out five stars only because there is nothing new here but it is done well!



1. Remnants of the Fallen

2. Novus Ordo Seclorum

3. Flagellum Dei

4. Seraphical Euphony

5. Moral Evasion

6. Primal Cosmic Ascendancy

7. Zephyr of Grace

8. Empyrean Yearning

9. Blood of the Ancients









Harry Lauraéus- Vocals
Erik Molnar – Guitars
Anders Peterson – Drums
Mikael Malm – Guitars
Joel Hagroth – Guitars
Raul Vicente – Bass


Rating: 9 out of 10

~Erebus Nyx

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